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Sushi Party Tray
(For take-out only, not valid with other offers.)

Regular Roll Platter (224pcs for 10 people) $120
8 California Rolls , 8 Spicy Tuna Rolls, 6 Spicy Yellow Tail Rolls, 6 Salmon Cucumber Avocado Rolls.

Cooked Roll Platter (90pcs for 5 people) $55
2 Shrimp tempura Rolls, 3 California Rolls, 2 Eel Cucumber Rolls, 3 Philadelphia Roll, 2 Spicy Crab Rolls.

Vegetarian Rolls Platter (92 pcs for 5 people) $55
2 All About Veggie Roll, 3 Vegetable Roll, 3 Cucumber Avocado Roll, 4 Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

Signature Roll Platter (56 pcs for 5 people) $95
Chef's Special Roll, Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, 2 Las Vegas Roll, What A Roll, Dynamite Roll.

Sushi Lover Platter (69 pcs for 5 people) $115
30 Pcs Sushi, 15 Pcs Sashimi, Tuna Roll, Salmon Cucumber Roll, California Roll.

Festival Sushi Platter (149 pcs for 12 people) $165
2 Chef's Roll, 2 Dragon Roll, 3 California Rolls, 3 Spicy Tuna Roll, 3 Salmon Cucumber Roll, 3 Shrimp Tempura Rolls, 6 Pcs Tuna Sushi, 6 Pcs Salmon Sushi, 6 Pcs Yellow Tail Sushi, 6 Pcs Tuna Sashimi, 6 Pcs Salmon Sashimi.

Appetizers Deluxe Platter $39
Crispy HaruMaki (Japanese Spring Roll) –5Pcs
Chicken Skewer with Teriyaki Sauce—5Pcs
Golden Fried Pork Gyoza—10Pcs 
Golden Fried Shumai—10 Pcs 
Crispy Fried Rocket Shrimp Dumpling –10Pcs
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